Relive – Communion Sunday – November 25th, 2018


How To Be A Good Steward

“You might not be able to preach the messages I preach, but you can tell people what God has done for you; You can tell them how God has changed your life. You can get them jealous with telling them how  God has blessed you and healed you. I have learned that its the easiest way to get them saved; get them jealous, tell them what the lord has done for you” ~ PK

Pastor Kevin Ortiz

Supernatural Life

“The supernatural is God’s answer to man’s pain; so he speaks to you and shows you the need and compassion comes upon you to minister to them, not with your resources, because your resources are not enough, but with his resource. He clothes you with glory to be able to minister to those who have been crying out for help.” ~ PK

Pastor Kevin Ortiz

Here Are Some Images From Sunday Morning











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