Relive – Healing Sunday- October 7th, 2018


Building Something

” Someone says ‘I wanna see miracles and signs of wonders’, well you gotta first start preaching, you gotta minister to others; God gives everyone of us a ministry, be faithful with it and the lord will bless it” ~ PK

Pastor Kevin Ortiz

The Healing Anointing(Main Message)

“We dive into the scriptures to find out the answer to our problem, but when love starts to rise up, you will begin to dive into strictures to find solutions for other peoples problems; that is where God wants you to be. The Bible says you are more than a conqueror; he doesn’t want to just have victory over your issues, but so that  you can stand and fight this good fight of faith for anybody else as well anyone that you are associated with.” ~ PK

Pastor Kevin Ortiz

Here Are Some Images From Sunday Morning










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