Who we are

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The Church of Jesus Christ was designed to bring healing and victory to humanity. The family of Faith Pleases God believes this. We are not just a building, but a fellowship that restores lives and builds dreams. Strengthening the souls of mankind as they discover who God made them to be. No matter where your life journey has taken you, God still has a plan and purpose for your life. Faith Pleases God church is a great place to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.

The Vision:
For people to experience victory in life through faith in God.

The Mission:
To disciple the church in the Word of God to change their world.


Get Connected

Join one of the many ministries available and get connected to the fellowship.

Mens Group

The Mens Group meet every Tuesday night at 7pm. Iron sharpens iron. All men are welcome.

Womens Group

Women of Faith and Power meet every Tuesday at 7pm. Open to all women.

Marriage Ministry

Every other Friday at 7pm. Open to all couples for marriage enrichment.

FPG Media

The FPG Media ministry produces everything from the TV programs to the live feeds. Learn about media production and grow in the word.

C3 Youth

The youth ministry meets every Wednesday at 7pm. Availble for youth between ages 12-17.

Super Kids

Children's church is available during every church service. Super Kids is a safe and secure place for your children to grow in the Word of God.