By Ana Moreno

Peter a passionate disciple, a disciple that in the Bible went to Jesus in the water twice.

First Time in The Water

The first time Peter went in the water was memorable. Jesus had finished ministering to the crowd and he sends His disciples ahead of Him. As they are on the boat strong winds came and big waves tossed the boat. As this is happening Jesus is walking on the water. The disciples saw him and were startled, Jesus assured them and then Peter speaks… “Lord, if it’s really you, then have me join you on the water!” Matthew 14:28 (The Passion Translation)

Jesus then says “Come and join me” Matthew 14:29 (The Passion Translation) an open invitation that Peter alone took. Peter was of the type of character that he always wanted to prove that he loved Jesus the most, must have been very proud in taking this step of faith on top of the water.

Of course if you continue to read you see what we all know, Peter walks on the water and then as soon as he takes his eyes off of Jesus and sees the high waves he sinks in, Peter drops into the water like an anchor.

Peter shouts to the Lord, “Save me, Lord!” Matthew 14:30 Jesus immediately stretches out His hand and lifts him up and says those words that I can imagine any believer would never want to hear “What little faith you have! Why would you let doubt in?” Matthew 14:31 (The Passion Translation)

Second Time In The Water

Much happens between the next time that Peter is in the water, Jesus tells him that on him (Peter) He would build His church, calls him satan a few minutes later, Jesus washes his feet, Peter cuts the ear of one of the servants of a high priest, and finally Peter denies Jesus three times after he repeatedly pledges his loyalty to Him. To say the least Peter was a work in progress.

For you as well maybe allot has happened since you last took a step of faith. Maybe many of life’s battles have come and wasted whatever faith you had in God. Look at Peter he failed any times to learn how to overcome.

Then it came, the second time Peter was in the water, this was after Jesus resurrected and had already shown Himself to the disciples.

Peter and the other disciples were fishing and had done so all night but caught nothing (John 21). Jesus shows himself once again and directs them to cast the net once more and they do, bringing in such a big catch of fish that it did not fit in their boat. So here, here is where we see the growth in Peter, the knowledge he had of Christ. As everyone is pulling the net in, the disciple John says to Peter “It’s the Lord!” John 21:7 (The Passion translation) Peter immediately dives off the boat to go to Jesus.

He dove into the water, but this time He knew where he was going. You may be saying yea but he did not walk on the water as he did the first time. However this is more of a testimony of faith than the first instance. Instead of proving himself to be a good disciple and needing salvation he wanted Peter wanted his savior.

Peter knew who was at the shore. Peter the one who had denied him and could have been overtaken with shame for doing so, he didn’t run from Jesus he ran to Jesus. At that moment the same person that was told that he had “little faith” now showed great faith. Peter knew that Jesus was his Savior. He didn’t care about the big catch on the net. He was focused on the Savior. Once Peter saw his Savior then he helped bring in the fish that Jesus had blessed them with. 

Are you focused on the catch Jesus can bring or Jesus himself? Are you blessed because of the blessing or because of the blesser? I ask because wrong focus gives way to doubt and doubt is why Peter started drowning in the first place. 

I write this today to encourage you. Peter went twice into the water in one instance he went on top of the water walking with Jesus till he allowed doubt in and had little faith, the next time he dove right in focused on Jesus.

Many a times we think that if we fail a test, we are not worthy of being called His, but Peter’s walk proves otherwise. Let’s be as Peter was and never stay in the boat. You go through the same test again and again, dive into the water and focus on Jesus. The word of the Lord says:

“For you know that when your faith is tested it stirs up power within you to endure all things. And then as your endurance grows even stronger it will release perfection into every part of your being until there is nothing missing and nothing lacking.” James 1:3-4 (The Passion Translation)

Peter did indeed become the rock that Jesus spoke of, and He continued to grow in His walk with God as he lived. Don’t hesitate to get out of the boat. Peter met Jesus both times. The first time Jesus rescued him, the second time Peter showed his love for Jesus and Jesus brought restoration to Peter.

Dive in, there is no failing in God. It’s time for little faith to be great faith!

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  1. Jesus alvarez February 2, 2018 at 12:51 pm

    This morning I was angry with my wife in doubt. I fell asleep in the sofa with my 3 year old son on my chest with tv on. Not knowing that ur show was going to air I had a real life dream. I walked into a church and there are a lot of ladies with candles praying and asked if I’m prepared to take the oath of jesus , I responded I don’t know ,i don’t know what it is and then it’s like if I was tested . I was at work ( I work on an oil rig )and the crew was white men and they prayed at night just before we get out of work , for a coup of nights. Then I was in a church sleep over and I feel asleep in a sofa praying some how I was transported to the ladies at the beginning when they gave me the white pice to put it in mouth and gave a glass of water and I remember they said ,” keep it level ” .i ate it and was taken. Ack to the church sofa and all this time I hear ppl praying on my inside so i prayed with them suddenly i feel something holding my croch with firm grip as I’m asking holys spirit as my savior and I keep on praying until I scream get away jesus is my lord and savior and I open my eyes and I’m still at church sofa and I see a woman with black hair that Made eye contact right before she bolted through the room. I was shaken by the event and stood up .there were kids of all ages Every one in the room keept on praying they saw something but as I was doubt what just happened it seam more like I felt relieved from something bad. The. I woke up at 5:59am and aired show had just finished and asked to join.
    Just wanted to thank you I had asked for a sign I believe that was it.

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