Healing Under the Tent

By Tony Martinez

We believe that Jesus heals now, that He will heal you, and that their is no disease or pain to great for Him. The following is a quick video that will inspire your faith in the area of physical healing. Pastor Kevin prayed for many in Ebano, Mexico under the crusade tent. As you will see people received sight, pains lifted, and one that had not walked in a while walked again. Please watch and receive your healing today.


Please do the following then e-mail us how God healed you:

1- Healing belongs to us through Christ. 1 Peter 2:24,

  • Healing cannot be earned because the price for healing was paid by Jesus.
  • Sickness and disease like sin was carried by Jesus by the stripes on His back.
  • You cannot work hard enough to receive healing you simply receive it.

2- The Name of Jesus; the most Powerful Name. Philippians 2:10

  • Every knee will bow to that name in heaven.
  • Every knee will bow to that name on earth.
  • Every knee will bow to that name in hell.
  • And every sickness, disease, and pain bows at the name of Jesus.

3- Respond to Gods Power and Move. James 2:17

  • Faith moves and reacts.
  • Faith needs to be said and acted on.
  • You have Gods Word now move and be healed!

Say this out loud and receive your healing:

In he name of Jesus sickness, disease, and pain I command you to leave my body. I lay claim to what rightfully belongs to me. I speak to this body now and claim Gods healing power over it. Body be healed in Jesus name. By His stripes I am healed. Thank you Jesus. I am healed.

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