Relive – Healing Sunday – November 4th, 2018


God Wants You Blessed

“Money is just a tool, you can build or you can destroy with it; you can advance the kingdom, or you can advance Hell. It’s a tool; God is giving you a tool, what you do with that tool is up to you. You’re either going to build your kingdom or you are going to build His kingdom. ” ~ PV

Pastor Veronica Ortiz

Born Again – The Answer To Perversion

“When you feel like all hope is lost, when you have done everything you can do, then God shows up to the scene, and now you have the opportunity to hear that he is a good God; that he wants to heal you, not only physically but spiritually and emotionally. He wants to replace all those bad thoughts with his word, what he wants to do in your life, but you have to put yourself in a position to receive. You have to put yourself in a position to obey.” ~ PV

Pastor Veronica Ortiz

Here Are Some Images From Sunday Morning










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