Relive – Healing Sunday – October 6th, 2019


Whatever I Need, God Shall Supply

“I am using my faith, so here is my declaration of faith; nobody from Faith Pleases God Church shall die before their time, with long life you will be satisfied.” ~ BK

Bishop Kevin(notes)

Fear Not. Only Believe

“When you cast something out, you grab hold of it and you throw it out, and it’s not Jesus throwing it, Jesus has given you the power to cast that devil(fear) out, after you cast out that spirit of  fear then you have to get into worship and let his presence over take you, let his presence come upon you. Why? Because once the atmosphere has been cleansed then we invite the holy ghost to take over to guard your heart, to guard your mind, to guard your life. Worship and praise is a weapon” ~BK

Bishop Kevin(notes)

Here Are Some Images From Sunday Morning


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