Relive – Resurrection Sunday – April 12th, 2020

Last video will be the full service including praise and worship.

Nothing Has Changed – Bishop Kevin

“They can take a job but they cannot take a blessing. A boss can fire someone, but he cannot remove God’s special covenant that he has with you; that he will bless you. They might shut a door but God will open up many other doors because of the blessings upon your life; it is his covenant that he made with you. He made this covenant, he said if you will just follow me, I will do these things for you. So the blessing of God is upon your life, and so the blessing must produce.” ~ BK

Bishop Kevin(notes)

I Am Resurrection – Bishop Kevin

“Jesus becomes our resurrection, Jesus says ‘I am the resurrection’, but when we receive Jesus he is now ‘our resurrection’ he is now our victory over sin and death, he is now our victory over every obstacle in this world, we have complete victory, the bible says you are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ.” ~ BK

Bishop Kevin(notes)

Resurrection Sunday Full Service

Here Are Some Images From Sunday Morning