Relive – Healing Sunday – April 5th, 2020

Last video will be the full service including praise and worship.

Prayer, Fasting and Repentance – Bishop Kevin

“I see favor and blessing following you; I see the glory of God going before you;  I see the Holy Spirit leading and directing your step; I see mighty doors of opportunities open, and I see wherever you go, blessing upon blessing upon blessing… why? Because if God is with you who can be against you; God is for you, he will lift you up; he will take care of you; he is faithful.” ~ BK

Bishop Kevin(no notes)

Calling On The Name Of The Lord – Bishop Kevin

“God is your deliverer, he knows how to open prison doors; He knows how to pay off debts; He knows how to restore relationships; He knows how to remove sicknesses and diseases. God is your great deliverer, Jesus is your great deliverer. So when you call upon the name of the Lord, he will deliver you!” ~ BK

Bishop Kevin(notes)

The Full Service

Here Are Some Images From Sunday Morning