Relive – Sunday Morning – April 14th, 2019


Greater Things

“Where the rest of the word operates in the natural realm according to how strong they are, we are not operating according to how strong we are, we are operating to how strong He is, and if we begin to tap into that power, tap into that anointing and raise our faith to begin to believe God that he can do a greater thing in my life, then there is no limit for what he can do for you;¬†no limit to how God can bless you.” ~ PK

Pastor Kevin(click here for notes)

Who Is Jesus?

“It’s all about revealing the Kingdom of God, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ, to the world so that the same experience, and the same salvation that you have received, they can receive as well, but it takes a witness, someone that says “Hey, Jesus is alive!”, that’s you and that’s me; we are witnesses to his glory. ” ~ PK

Pastor Kevin(click here for notes)

Here Are Some Images From Sunday Morning





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