Relive – Sunday Morning – August 18th, 2019


God Is Able

“The sower doesn’t just sow once, the sower continually sows; it’s a lifestyle, it’s a lifestyle that changes every aspect of your life, but as long as you think that every time you give you’re losing, you will lose, because that’s where your faith is.  ” ~ PV

Pastor Veronica

The Fiery Furnace

Be a God pleaser, not a people pleaser; even if you’re standing alone, you’re not alone, there is more power with you then you know. You might feel like everybody has abandoned you, that no one is believing with you, that you’re the only one standing, but there are more for you then against you. May the lord open up your spiritual eyes that you can see that there’s a great army all around you, surrounding you, that you are not defeated; you are in full victory, just stand and see the goodness of the Lord.  ” ~ PV

Pastor Veronica

Here Are Some Images From Sunday Morning



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