Relive -Sunday Morning English – December 15th, 2019


How To Open Doors

“You have to keep that vision in front of you, there are many people that give up because there is a little bit of trouble, a little bit of stress, but if God has spoken to you and given you a vision to be something, hold on to that, keep knocking.” ~ BK

Bishop Kevin(No Notes)


Ministering Unto The Lord Pt 2

“It’s good to go before the Lord and ask for the things that you desire, the things that you need; that’s good, the Lord welcomes you; he wants to hear that. But your walk with God should be greater then just for stuff. When you go before the Lord, desire him in prayer, where all you want to do is just minister to him, tell him how much you love him, worship, give him praise.” ~ BK

Bishop Kevin(No Notes)

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