Relive – Sunday Morning English – February 16th, 2020


The Anointing Brings Protection – Bishop Kevin

“God will give you the anointing to bring healing to others; and the anointing flows through love. The anointing flows because love and compassion for others that are hurting rises up, and God will give you a power and anointing to minister to those that are hurting, those that have been afflicted. So we have been anointed by God to receive his powers so that we can give it to others that are hurting.” ~ BK

Bishop Kevin(notes)

The Crown of Righteousness – Bishop Kevin

“The Bible says we are supposed to run away from youthful lust and we are supposed to pursue righteousness; and it’s not just pursuing the righteousness for yourself but also pursuing righteousness for someone else who is struggling in an area, and you can be a strength for them.” ~ BK

Bishop Kevin(notes)

Here Are Some Images From Sunday Morning

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