Relive – Sunday Morning English – February 9th, 2020


Love Compels(T&O) – Pastor Veronica

“You will overflow will the love of God, that a revelation will come upon your life; that you will know that you are empowered by God Almighty to do what he has called you to do; that things will not distract you,;that things will not come to hinder you; that every distraction goes. But that you will encounter love; that you will encounter Jesus.” ~ PV

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Sunday Main Message – Bishop Kevin

“First thing you need to do when it comes to dreams is you have to place that dream before you. That dream cannot be something locked in the closet, it can’t be something that is just hidden, it has to always be before you, everyday you wake up you should be declaring the dream that God has put in your heart. Second thing you need to do is you need to speak it out, you need to talk faith. If you can’t tell people what God is doing in your life, it’s not real, it’s not real until you speak it out, until you declare it.” ~ BK

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