Relive – Sunday Morning – February 10, 2019


I Receive By Sowing

“Instead of asking God for a harvest, start asking God ‘Lord give me a seed’. If you want to see an increase start looking for the seed, put your eyes upon the seed; as soon as you receive the seed,  by faith you will receive the harvest. The harvest is God’s responsibility; sowing the seed that God put in your hand is your responsibility. ” ~ PK

Pastor Kevin Ortiz

The Power Of The Gospel

“So they said (ACTS 16:31) ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household’; that means your family is getting saved, that means your brother, your sister, aunt, uncle, your mamma, your daddy, they are going to be  saved if you just believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.”  ~ PK

Pastor Kevin Ortiz

Here Are Some Images From Sunday Morning








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