Relive – Sunday Morning – June 2nd, 2019


Be Ready For Battle

“You’re going to go through fights, you’re going to go through struggles, and you’re going to want to quit; but his word will sustain you, his word will strengthen word, his word will establish you and his word will bring you to victory; all I need is the word of God, if I have the word of God I have everything” ~ PK

Pastor Kevin(Click for Notes)

Having A Healing Mindset

“No more guilt, no more shame, no more sickness, no more disease, no more fear! I’m a new creation in Christ Jesus; this body doesn’t belong to the devil, it belongs to Jesus Christ; this heart doesn’t belong to the devil, it’s bought with the price of blood of Jesus Christ. I belong to Christ, so the curse of sin and death is no long upon my life.” ~ PK

Pastor Kevin(Click for Notes)

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