Relive – Sunday Morning Service- December 16th, 2018


Your Tool Is Your Blessing

“Money is just a tool, you can give me a hammer and what it is? It’s a tool, it’s a tool that either destroys or it’s a tool that can build, and God has given each and every one of you a tool, what you do with it is up to you; my tool is going to serve the kingdom, my tool is going to glorify God, my tool is going to send the evangelist, my tool is going to feed the widow and the orphan. You see my tool is going to help build,and not destroy. ” ~ PV

Pastor Veronica Ortiz

The Gift Of God

“God has made a way for us to enter the family of God, by sending his son Jesus into this world to die for you, he is the perfect gift, he is the perfect gift that you have to make room for this season, everyday not just now.”

Pastor Veronica Ortiz

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