Relive – Sunday Morning Service- December 9th, 2018


First Fruit Offering

“If you don’t see God’s blessing upon your life you’re never going to honor God; you are never going to give to God and you’re going hold, thinking you are your own blessing, but when you see that God is giving you strength, that God is the one that blesses you it doesn’t matter what you do not have, God will always supply. God will increase you, God will give you opportunities to prosper.” ~ PK

Pastor Kevin Ortiz

Is Jesus Worthy?

“In the eyes of God, they are as pure and as holy as Jesus Christ, no stain no sin, no guilt, no shame, in teh eyes of God, when someone accepts Jesus as their lord and savior God sees them with the same love that he has for Jesus.” ~ PK

Pastor Kevin Ortiz

Here Are Some Images From Sunday Morning












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