Relive – Sunday Morning Service – May 17th, 2020

Last video will be the full service including praise and worship.

 Tithes & Offerings Message – Bishop Kevin

“God pronounces his blessing upon you. So whatever you touch will prosper, whatever you do it will succeed, because of the direction and the wisdom of the holy ghost, and the blessing of heaven that is upon your life. That is available for those that walk in covenant with God.” ~ BK

Bishop Kevin no notes

All Things Have Become New(Main Message) – Bishop Kevin

“The new things that God has for us, and the new ways that God has for us, and the new life that God has for us; it is all based upon relationships. That’s why we worship, that’s why we pray; that’s why we praise, because when we being to worship the Lord, his presence comes, and when we begin to praise God, the fears of the world are broken off of us. So now that our hearts and our minds are totally dedicated onto God, then the spirit of God can speak to us so clearly.” ~ PK

Sunday Full Service

Here Are Some Images From Sunday Morning