Love is Larger

We love listening to one of our favorite preachers Corrie Ten Boom and reading her quotes. There is one that always stuck out and that is love is larger than the walls that shut it in.” You see if you have been around long enough in the church world we tend to keep love shut in within the confines of a building. The presence of God for some is only experienced at an altar. The move of God can only come at a conference. The rest of the week we are busy with no time for God and certainly not the move of God in public places like a parking lot or a store. However, Gods love is larger than the walls we think it can be kept in. This is why we do events, outreach, and other things like it to show forth Gods love and power to this community.

On July 28th thru the 30th FPG CHUCRH did just that. We set out as a team to put on an event that would rival that of any big festival in our area. Over 4,000 friends, family, children, and parents came out for the 3 day Jesus Loves The RGV, Back 2 School Party. Over 1000 back packs were handed out to children going back to school, and best of all the Gospel was presented and many received Jesus as their Lord and Savior knowing for possibly the first time that Jesus truly loves them.

We spoke to the director of the event Pastor Tony Martinez he had this to say.

“We have been commissioned as a church to pray for, fund, or coordinate 4 crusades this year. The Lord has blessed us with possibly 6 and who knows how much more we will do by the end of the year. This church and its members are on fire to see what Pastor Kevin has preached that all receive salvation, healing, and deliverance.”

The church of Acts had it right as their focus went to sharing this good news that Jesus saves, heals, and delivers. The church stayed together through worship and communion. “They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity–” Acts 2:46 NLT. Through their unity in Gods presence and fellowship with each other they were also made generous. We are truly proud of what has been happening the whole year here at FPG CHURCH. To God be all the glory and praise.

However the year is not over we are looking forward to our next two crusades; at the end of this month we have one more in Mexico and in the fall we have one in Argentina. Please pray for us and if the Lord leads give an offering to this great work of God. As a church we will continue to fulfill what God has called us to. To Save, Heal, and Deliver through the Name of Jesus.

To give to our next crusades in Mexico and Argentina click this link. 


God bless you.



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