I grew up in the mud. Ever since I was a young boy, I loved the mud. I could build a fort, create an army, or build a football field. As number four of five children, I became very athletic. With 2 older brothers and one older sister, you did not eat unless you could fend for yourself. Known throughout the neighborhood as the nature boy, I became infamous for my exploits of running around naked in the streets with no diaper. I was always active and wanted to be where the action was. I remember my mother would hose me down outside because I was even too dirty for the bath tub. You might be wondering what this has to do with my testimony. You see just like the way mom hosed me off as a child outside, that is the same way God cleaned me. Growing up in a family that was dedicated to preaching the gospel around the world, I became very complacent and dry in my own walk. My mother and father always taught us how to live for God. They instilled a discipline and foundation of the word inside of us that no man can take away.

As I grew up I had many experiences with God, but the trials and tribulations of life seemed to always pull me down. I did not need a touch, I needed a change. In 2001 God impressed on me to give the best I had to give. After four years of car payments, I finally did it. I paid my car off. 1996 Mustang GT. One Sunday morning, during a church service, the spirit of God was so heavy among the people. There was a great movement. People were giving onto each other. As I sat down the Holy Ghost told me to give my Mustang. I turned to my wife and told her that I was going to give my mustang. She looked at me and said go. Now I know it was God. As I walked to the front the Holy Ghost covered me. I was crying with great sense of his love and peace. I told my brother I wanted to give my car. He in turn called a young lady out of the congregation and gave the car to her. It was at that moment, God began to do a work inside of me. God spoke to me and my wife to move to Florida. He wanted us to begin a work in Television for another ministry. We were obedient to the call. As we began to separate our self from our family, God began something new in me. I was now out of my comfort zone. During that time, God began a work in me and my wife that I did not know existed. He placed the fire of God in us. We were transformed into his glory. Immediately people began to see a change in us. The Holy Ghost became our friend and comforter. We gained our Joy of the Lord. It was not because we went to Florida we were changed, it was the change of our heart unto God that spurred the change.

Today, I and my wife are seeing the blessings of God in a whole new way. We do not lack in our finances. He has anointed our lips to preach the word of God to the hearts of man. Our children are full of peace. They are happy and well behaved. My entire family has walked in supernatural health. You might say “what did giving your car do to cause this?” It was not because I gave a car this happened. It was because I acted in obedience to his voice. Is God asking you for something? Is he asking for something that is valuable in your eyes? Obedience is always greater then sacrifice. Listen to the voice of God and do it. You will never be the same again.

Veronica Ortiz

Senior Pastor at Faith Pleases God Church.


Rey Mejia

Spanish Pastor at Faith Pleases God Church.


Pete Magallanes

Associate Pastor at Faith Pleases God Church.